• Intent


It is our intent to identify and remove / rewire energy blockages and create new ways for developers of new paradigm technologies to connect as directly as possible with the people who need them - in a transitional and non-disruptive manner, to benefit all people and our planet.  Each of our group has multiple projects of all sizes and types and many contacts, which is why we intend to create a broad-based tech fund so we can bring the maximum benefit to the people we are connected to.


To create new models of organisation which can self-adapt, self-regulate and self-replicate, to empower as many people as possible, to help usher in a new paradigm of peace, abundance, resilience and sustainability.  

With each scenario in this document we aim to start small, prove the concept and then enable it to be adopted by others and grow.  This involves a systemic, holistic approach where everything and everyone is connected and no-one gets left behind (the Buckminster Fuller approach).

To create and disseminate these models for co-creative team working, that operate as fractals which can self-connect, to empower people and bring in a new era of not just sustainability, but resilience and abundance in harmony with nature and human nature.

To create holistic organisations, run and owned by their members – equally – and to make the knowledge, skills and tools associated with their implementation available for free and as widely as possible.

To set up a technology fund to select and support multiple strategically important technologies and connect them with the people as directly as possible – giving the people integrated solutions.

To establish a new, very different kind of bank, wholly co-owned by the people.

To establish self-funding and self-empowerment concepts, through people consciously creating their own currencies which will be intimately linked to waste reduction, environmental remediation and improving quality of life for all.

To support inventors and technologies requiring funding, skills, knowledge and contacts (we have an appraisal process for streaming this support, so each receives appropriate assistance to get their technologies to the people successfully).

To consciously create systemic approaches with feedback loops in the form of models that can grow, and to share these with others.

To support and empower a modelling approach for several hundred projects directly linked to our team and international partners.

In operating a fund, associated with empowering others we will need to provide models, structures, skills, tools, information and knowledge to empower others.

Our intent is non-profit, and to take flows of funds from projects and to disburse them to empower others and enable a fractal-based model to grow.  

We will create relationships based on nurturing, mentoring and consulting, to identify problem areas and support the ability of people to deal with them... linking in to a system to enable others to share and learn from their experiences.  This implies analysis to create a wisdom-based system that recognises the difference between general lessons / information and situations arising out of specific circumstances.


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