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Our Trustees are people focused on introducing new paradigm technologies and who have been working on a free and voluntary basis for many years:

Mike Upstone – founder of the Universal Trust, co-founder of New Energy Trust, inventor, speaker at the Breakthrough Energy Movement in Boulder Colorado 2013 and Austin 2016, speaker at the MGT Institute for Consciousness 2017, voluntary contributor to international quality exercises and the Model of Sustainable Organisation.

Bi-Ma Anden – Kundalini meditation researcher, author and networker, conscious community founder and new paradigm education specialist.

Caspar deRijk –  Director of the MGT Institute for Consciousness, author of 'The Self-Explorer's Handbook (multi genius technology for consciousness)' and involved with many projects and technologies including Ubuntu Contributionism in Europe:


Elizabeth Donavan – scientist, author, inventor and advanced technology developer specialising in physics, mathematics, electronics, machining, electronic prototyping, programming and biochemistry.

Chrissy Karas –  Chrissy is an experienced real estate agent working with her husband Nick, both have a focus on new paradigm technologies, excellent contacts and dedication to the empowerment of native peoples.

Dominic Pawinski – inventor and developer of multiple new paradigm projects for Africa.

John Cliss – former British Aerospace engineer and physicist now researching and developing next generation technologies primarily focused on the energy area.

John Geerlings – new energy and secret space researcher and member of the Global BEM (Breakthrough Energy Movement) team:

John Smith – former Hewlett-Packard technical executive now focused on developing new financial and economic systems and processes to support and empower tribal groups.

Karen Lauderback-Boger – long term professional in finance and spiritual explorer working with her husband Dr Roger Boger to create advanced technology wellness centres and support multiple new technology projects.

Larry Woods – Master of Electrical Engineering and former grid troubleshooter now involved in developing with world's most advanced coil-based technologies and the scientific application of vortex mathematics.

Nick Karas – Nick is a former senior international business executive and troubleshooter working with his wife, Chrissy, both have a focus on new paradigm technologies, excellent contacts and an intention to assist the empowerment of native peoples.

Ray Savage – heartmath practitioner and new paradigm spiritual and quantum physics technology networker par excellence, working with the mankind project.

Thomas Ziehmer – graduate computer specialist focused on networking and supporting new paradigm technologies and spiritual development.

Andreas Jell - Doctor of Quantum Cybernetics, psychotherapist, natural healing professional. Internet. teacher for advanced self healing and quantum consciousness (since 1995). Founder of Meta Meditation and Flow-InTM Coaching. Andreas is coaching Olympic athletes and sports teams, artists, teachers and companies to experience true success through FLOW

Members of our specialist Health group include Chrissy Karas, Dominic Pawinski, Karen Lauderback-Boger, Larry Woods, Ray Savage, Thomas Ziehmer, Mike Upstone and:

Dr Irina Kossovskia – former assistant professor at a Russian medical university, contributor to the Russian Space Medicine Programme, eye surgeon and specialist in frequency healing modalities creating cellular regeneration:


Katia Welvaert – qualified physiotherapist and specialist in light-, frequency- and colour-based healing therapies.



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