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Privacy Policy

One of the key purposes of The Universal Trust is to locate next generation technologies and exchange information on them within our team.  This sensitive information is treated as 'trust res' / trust property for the purposes of looking after the needs of the inventors and technology developers we work with.  As a result...

"Initial Trust Res includes, call notes and recordings from our launch in 2012 to which the Universal Trust claims Copyright with all Rights Reserved. This covers all exchange of information including proprietary and confidential information relating to technologies and projects including any proprietary information we hold in Trust on others behalf.

In no circumstances shall assumption of transfer of property in to the Trust be considered to have taken place regarding intellectual ownership or beneficial rights unless it is specifically and expressly agreed to by the Trustees and undertaken in writing, in the form of an agreement or contract with the intellectual property owner."

With regards to your visit to our website we do not collect data for mailing lists or other purposes - you need to contact us if you are interested in our work and discussing how we can effectively support each other.   We respect you, your personal sovereignty and your ownership of your data.


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