Projects, Models and Tools

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1. Co-Creation / self-organisation model - the joining up of 'everything is connected' so no-one and nothing is left behind, removing ego and personality to apply and value the knowledge and innate wisdom of all the people.


Co-Creation self-organisation model


2. Community Prosperity Model - to be adapted like all models and treated as tools for resilience and prosperity.


Community Prosperity Model


3. Conscious Currency Model - bridging conscious currency with communities and paradigm change technology providers.


Conscious currency model

University of Catalunya currency white paper


4. Megaculture: the art and science of growing spectacular food


5. Inventors Protection Model - to encourage open sourcing and a direct energy flow between the people and the people who make paradigm change technologies.

Inventors protection model


6. MoSO Model of Sustainable Organisation - introductory video.


MoSO - Notes: skim read MoSO:

MoSO Notes

MoSO - Digest: the brief version of MoSO (by the MoSO collective, based at the Chartered Quality Institute in London):

MoSO Digest

MoSO Book - the full MoSO model (by the MoSO CQI Deming special interest group:

MoSO Book

For more information including the artwork for printing your community currency and the Tesla Spiral 3D file - please visit our Patreon and SteemIt pages:

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Please note, tools and models may need to be consciously adapted for your particular situation... even simple tools like coffee cups can be abused – they don't work so effectively if you turn them upside down, use them in space, or try to use them to hammer a nail, so use them consciously.